UN169 Vintage Bauhaus Aluminum and Amber Necklace

Purchased this Bauhaus collier necklace from a dealer in Glasgow. It's made of beaten aluminum and opaque amber, suspended from a chrome chain. It's rare enough to find jewelry made with aluminum and even rarer to find a piece as sublime as this. At first, I thought the stones  galalith, a casein-based plastic favored by Bauhaus designers, but because of its translucent, milky appearance, I've decided it's opaque amber. The necklace is 15.5" in length and weighs just 0.75 oz. 


If you’re wondering about the green and black marks, here’s the story I was told. The dealer's son was sourcing jewelry for the movie Evita, which starred Madonna. He took some pieces from his mother's shop. One mark showed it was hers. The other meant someone wore it on camera. I can't remember which color was which. Anyway, I thought it best to leave them on. 






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