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Making a statement with statement jewelry.

Statement jewelry, especially necklaces, are today’s in fashion accessory. But in truth, they’ve never been out. Prehistoric men and women sported them, as did the ancient Greeks and Romans.

When I queried Google about statement necklaces, I got: “a statement necklace is a necklace that makes a statement.” That’s about as helpful as saying a milk bottle is a bottle that holds milk. It’s not the necklace that’s making the statement; it’s the wearer. Throughout history, people have expressed their personality, political and societal views or religious beliefs though jewelry. Here are two examples:

Above left

Suffragette jewelry—early 20th century.

This is arguably the truest example of making a statement with jewelry. It’s from the suffrage movement. “Give Women the Vote” was symbolized in this pendant by the colors of the gemstones. Green enamel for “Give.” White pearls for Women.” And violet amethyst for “Vote.” It worked!

Above right

Beatnik necklace—mid-century modern.

Besides snapping their fingers and beating on bongos, cool beat chicks used jewelry to stand out. This beaded necklace from the 50’s still looks fabulous today.


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