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From Bauhaus to Your House

Bauhaus as a design movement began in the Bauhaus, a German art school founded in 1919.Bauhaus combined Modernism with the Arts and Crafts movement. Its style focused on balanced forms and abstract shapes with minimal ornamentation. Its influence can be seen in architecture, interior design, art, posters, and of course, jewelry. Designers experimented with all sorts of everyday materials, like glass, chrome, ebonite, wood, enamel, plastic, and even aluminum.

The man in the portrait is Jakob Bengel, the best known and most prolific Bauhaus jewelry designer. To the right of him is one of his necklaces, followed by the Bauhaus building, a poster, and an armchair.

If you would like to add a Bauhaus piece to your vintage jewelry collection, I have three on Mandalay Jewelry: two collier necklaces in the style of Jakob Bengel and an exquisite inlaid bracelet. Click here to view these on my site.

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