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Hi, I’m Danna. 

I retired from a lengthy career selling estate jewelry at antique shows. It didn't take long before boredom set in. So, I started designing and making gemstone beaded necklaces. 

No two of my necklaces are alike. When you put one on, its design is exclusively yours.

I approach jewelry design as an artist approaches a blank canvas—not certain what the final piece will look like. I begin by putting various kinds of beads together. Then I play with colors, textures and shapes, combining 

them in unexpected ways.

As you can see, my jewelry designs aren't timid. Nor are the women who wear them. My necklaces draw attention. And plenty of compliments. They express your mood and personality. They say to everyone: “This is who I am today.” 

I hope you'll find one you can't live without.


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